Welcome to the Land of Ice and Snow…

Danger, excitement, and hardship await those who dare travel the cold, inhospitable lands of Kislev; yet, there is no shortage of heroes who brave these perils in search of fortune and glory. As the most northerly of the civilized nations of the Old World, Kislev stands forever on the brink of annihilation, for it borders the dreaded Chaos Wastes – the realm of the Dark Gods and home to the bloodthirsty tribes that worship them.

It is a wide, unbroken steppe with a bitter climate and hardy people. Bounded by the Sea of Claws to the west, the Troll Country to the north, and the Worlds Edge Mountains to the east, its inhabitants must fight to survive against raiders from Norsca, Orc and Goblin tribes from the mountains, and roving bands of nomadic raiders that plague the steppe. It is the Empire’s bulwark against invasion from the north, and both nations have fought side by side many times over the centuries to defend their lands from the vile followers of Chaos, most recently against the diabolical horde of Archaon the Everchosen.

Life in such a hard land breeds hard men and women, people for whom the constant threat of death and destruction has become a way of life. To most outsiders, the inhabitants of Kislev are a dour, taciturn race, which is not surprising given the climate and their precarious way of life. But they possess a grim, often morbid, sense of humour and have a strict code of hospitality that welcomes strangers as well as friends to their hearth. Strangers such as the foci of this tale…


Northern Lights

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