Northern Lights

The City of Kislev

A cold fall evening brings the party to the City of Kislev. Yelena leads them to an upscale inn, where they eat, drink, and spend the night. The next day, Yelena and Deydoralia head to the Bokha Palace, while Olimar and the Dwarf attempted to find their way to the West gate in search of a bear for Olimar.

Deydoralia, in the mean-time, was taken to the Tzarina, who identified her as part Kislevite, allowing her to continue her apprenticeship, and she was placed under Yelena’s tutelage, much to the young Ice Witch’s chagrin.

Olimar and the Dwarf found their way to the north part of the city, to the Heckler’s Market, where the Dwarf fought a bear, was injured, and his molten metal blood made itself known. This caused an outrage in the center of the plaza, where he was slain by a group of militia. His demise caused his body to explode in a fountain of molten metal, killing a large group of people. Security in and out of the capitol will be far more strict in the future. Yelena and Deydoralia witnessed the explosion, and met up with a very shaken Olimar. The three of them head to the temple of Ulric, where Yelena is tasked to assist the local priests of the Wolf God.

Across the square, a young Initiate of Ursun followed the party closely, intent on spying for his masters against the Ulricans.

The party arrived at the Temple of Ulric, met with Father Ludwig, and he gave them each 15 Ducats to assist him with his task:
“Two months ago, one of the most enlightened of the brotherhood of this great temple – Brother Jurgen – was traveling through the northern wastes preaching the holy word. When he reached the village of Vitkal, he was brutally attacked and killed. I have been appointed by the temple to travel to this village and see justice is done, that the perpetrators of this foul deed suffer the full process of our law. The Tzarina has granted me the right to enact justice – Empire justice – as i see fit. However, I need bodyguards and guides to ensure I reach Vitkal safely – it is a week’s journey, and I am sure you have heard how dangerous the open country can be up here. It is your job to ensure I reach my destination, so the will of Ulric may be carried out.”

Disguised as an adventurer, the young Ursun Initiate also took on this task. He hopes to rally the town of Vitkal against the southerners, and keep the people of Kislev safe from their radical sense of “justice”.

The Story Begins...

A lone, slim figure opens the door to the local watering hole in a sizable stanitsa, the cold biting from he outside as the freezing northern autumn sets in.


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